jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010



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Massimo Parizzi dijo...

Dear Orlando Luis Pardo,
I'm the editor of an Italian magazine, "Qui - appunti dal presente", which comes out in English too as "Here - notes from the present". It was launched in Italy to gather testimonies, observations, and reflections about the times we live in. It presents diary pages interspersed with brief essays and some literary prose, and its collaborators are people from different countries in the world. It is published both on paper and on the Internet (www.quiappuntidalpresente.it or www.quihere.eu). Well, I happened to stumble upon your blog, and I'd like to publish your diary entry from September 17, 2010 (about la muerte de Chucho). May I have your authorization? If so, could you send me a brief biographical note about you? (A few lines.) To have a better idea of "Here" you can go to its web site, but if you wish to see a copy of it on paper, send me an address and I'll be glad to mail it. Thank you and best regards
Massimo Parizzi