lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010


Yoani Sánchez (Cuba)

Yoani Sánchez (1975, Havana) is a leading figure in the use of social
networking technologies to breach imposed frontiers. A graduate in
philology, she is now dedicated to computer sciences and their
capacity to alter perceptions and generate social change. She works as
a webmaster, columnist and editor for Desde Cuba, an online news
portal. Determined to promote freedom of information and to speak out
regardless of danger, in 2007, Yoani Sánchez set up a blog, Generation

Her regular posts offer punchy accounts of the day-to-day environment.
Avoiding direct criticism and global politics, her blog provides
subjective insights into the practical difficulties people face.
Emphasising the vital importance of material autonomy for any form of
active citizenship, her subjects include unaffordable food, shortage
of proteins and vegetables, the turgid proceedings of parliament and
the lack of meaningful reforms.

Sánchez operates in a context of strict control and censorship,
working clandestinely, under threat of arrest. Local access to
internet is limited and filters set up by the authorities slow and
block connection to Generation Y. Local supporters circulate her
writings in emails and USB memories, and volunteers translate her
Spanish reports into 22 languages. Generation Y’s growth has been
exponential. It is now one of the most-followed blogs in cyberspace,
and a compilation has been published as Cuba Libre.

Yoani Sánchez is awarded for raising global awareness of daily Cuban
realities through her blog, for her inspiring and courageous example
in giving a voice to the silenced, and for demonstrating the immense
impact internet communications technologies can have as tools for
social change and development.

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