viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

OLPL in "A New U.S.-Cuba Policy: Did Cuba Win?"

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Dear Landy, thank you,also thank you to Maurice.
The woman from The Chamber of Commerce is ignorant and clueless regarding Cuban realities. Empty demagogary which reflects the arrogance of which I spoke in my previous post. The other debator is more informed and seemed to come from a sincere place of good will. All and all,a balanced and necessary debate. Although I'm skeptical whether when all is said,it will carry any "real"weight since the process which only involves the "power players",continues to move forward excluding the Cuban people. Perhaps I shouldn't even express my biased position,since as you well know my hope for a true and profound change in my country was shattered a long time ago. Abrazos largos y fuertes. AT