lunes, 13 de noviembre de 2017


Historians are in the search for heroes. 

Academics are in the search for accuracy. 

Poets seem to be in the search for despots. 

In any case, the image of an island within the Island —claustrophobic Cuba— has been used and abused by our hemispheric imagination. 

It is the notion of the Island —capital I; the capital of countercapitalism— as intimate isolation, regardless of how intimidating that is to us, the Cuban compañeros, inmates for life under the socialist spell of Fidelity —capital F; fossil rhetoric of the caudillo in chief Fidel. 

It is the notion of a nation that mutates into this magical momentum only to mesmerize foreigners. In particular, visitors coming from highly developed democratic countries, in front of which Cuba plays the revolutionary rumba of being the victim —capital V: “hasta la Victoria siempre.”

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