domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

Suma tu firma ahora


For over 5 decades, the only legal and massively popular demand from the Cuban people has been a constitutional call for a referendum on our right to self-government: the Varela Project led by Oswaldo Payá, an opposition leader who was murdered in Cuba by the Castro regime on Sunday July 22, 2012.

We Cubans still need and deserve democratic changes in the Cuban system to fully guarantee freedom of expression, movement and association, the release of all political prisoners, the right to own private enterprises, and free and plural elections without the monopoly of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC).

This is why Cubans, both on the Island and in Exile, need moral solidarity and material support for the implementation of such a plebiscite, in order to hold free and pluralistic elections in Cuba today (not after the death of the despots), with all the due citizen participation and international verification throughout this democratizing process, which is the only one capable of putting an end to totalitarianism in Cuba, so that the transition to democracy can really begin in Cuba, beyond any intellectual debate about the U.S. embargo and/or the U.S. engagement with the Cuban dictatorship.

Please, support the citizen initiative Cuba Decide for a plebiscite for democracy in Cuba. If we all decide, Cuba decides. The time for changes is now.