miércoles, 12 de junio de 2019

50 años de contrarrevolución

How the World Swung to the Right [1]
Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

New frontier,
we must reinvent everything.
End of discussion.

The old elegies to rootedness
have been brandished everywhere.
Tradition that hesitates between irony and need,
a multiheaded monster.

The question is
how to recombine the found objects
of the vast cultural rubbish heap of modernity
in novel ways,
writing something other
than what was asked of you.

In little over forty years,
the world has fallen under a new threefold rule:
objective circumstances,
ideological opportunism,
the obsession of memory.

Recipes for survival
inherited after fifty years of counterrevolution.
The sad experience of power:
counterusages are always possible,
violence is the only possible outlet.

Great enemy of the people, drug scum.
A cultural and religious backlash, son of a whore.
A rise in nationalist nostalgias,
this didn´t start with Donald Trump:
“You Have the Money, but We Have the Time.”

We have perhaps entered an era
in which the very word “left” has become useless,
In fact,
we might just have to do without it.

They make a mistake in reasoning
that a child would not make
in classical Marxist terms.
They had always been elitist and moralizing
―as well as an element of chance:
in other words, “me, me, me.”
(people who are infertile, older couples, the sick…).

Only a minority defected to the other side
in low voices,
in the shadows.
Who wouldn´t benefit from changing their life,
their city,
their neighborhood,
their desk?
They have never been to these places.

People are less revolutionary in their forties,
it is a naturalizing and biologizing concept
which went with a six-figure salary:
work yourself out of poverty.

Professionals were powerless to address it.
This is a liberating game,
the most thriving industry
in the name of market emancipation.

Technology does not exist as such.
Art could disappear or sacrifice itself
in light of a political revolution,
from Lenin to Lennon
Stalin to Stallone.

TV was how all of these ideas were transmitted
from one Third World country to another.
We must take into account
psycho-existential and institutional factors,
and each country´s historical specificities.

This whole new polychromic reality
upsets the clear succession of the past,
the present,
and the future.
Societies where people exist with the dead.

Daily life there has become inconceivable:
“Inertia is death.”
This is not to say that the rot had already set in,
but simply that we must not lose sight
of an underground continuity.

There is something like an invisible fringe,
an adjoining,
nondialectical link.
A soft utopia,
a more literal uprising of the same bodies.

the alpha and the omega.
Twilight of common dreams:
our eyes made us the overseers of one another.

In any case
(in the Greek sense of diabolos, to separate),
there is, however, no direct link.

Despite deceptions and wrongdoings,
caught between renunciation,
and melancholy,
choosing to wear the veil,
the new generations no longer believe
in these circular lines.

The conclusion is logical:
that unshakeable grieving had to be completely forgotten.

[1] Cusset, François. How the World Swung to the Right. Fifty Years of Counterrevolutions (La Droitization du monde. Translated by Noura Wedell.). Paris: Éditions Textuel, 2016.