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Mauricio Collada

Amigos, I am Mauricio Collada Jr, Owner, and president of Cubanisimo Vineyards. I was born in Habana, Cuba, and my parents left everything they had to bring their 5 kids to start anew in the USA. My adopted country has given me many opportunities to work hard so as to be able to reach for success. I became a neurosurgeon, established a wonderful family, and fell in love with Oregon pinot noir, and the Oregon wine industry. Today I still enjoy the practice of neurosurgery, but also cherish the opportunity of making friends, and sharing our beautiful estate, and our fabulous wines while celebrating my ethnicity.

Debra Collada

Hi! I’m Debra Collada, owner, along with my wonderful husband, of Cubanisimo Vineyards. I wear two hats, that of managing Mauricio’s medical practice and also assisting with the management of our events here at Cubanisimo. I am excited for a wonderful future, meeting many new friends, and enjoying our wines together!

Paige Jones

Hey there! I am Paige, the Manager of Cubanisimo. I come to you all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio. Graduating from the other OSU…Ohio State University with a Business degree, my hope is to transform Cubanisimo into a place of lasting traditions for you and your loved ones.

Raul Torres

Hola Amigos! I am the Vineyard Manager at Cubanisimo. I have been here since I was 18 years old and couldn’t imagine being anywhere different. I take pride in each and every vine and get excited to watch each year come to fruition. One of my favorite things is knowing how much work goes into the vineyard and watching you all enjoy the finished product!

Raelle DuBois

Hey! I am Raelle, a Tasting Room Associate here at Cubanisimo. I was born and raised in this wonderful city called Salem. I love to play poker, go camping, and wine! I have worked at Cubanisimo for many years (too many to count) and have enjoyed every one. I am a part of the family and am blessed to have such awesome people to call my mom and my Maurice.


``We relish the opportunity of sharing the passion and pride we have for our wines as well as our heritage through your enjoyment of Cubanisimo Vineyards.``
Our venture into the wine industry started with the purchase of a 21 acre parcel evaluated for its vineyard potential in 1986. We planted 8 acres of Pinot Noir on our SE facing hillside as we further developed our estate property in the Willamette Valley. Initially our focus was on refining our vineyard management, and we would sell our grapes to larger wineries.
In 2003, we decided to forge ahead with the dream by keeping ½ the product from our vineyards to produce our own wines under the label of Cubanisimo Vineyards. Much soul searching took place in the name selection, and label design since we wanted our homage to our Cuban heritage to be a quality product in every way. Cubanisimo means “very Cuban”, and from the beginning we have committed to developing our wines into the top quality product meriting the name.
In 2005, as our vineyard/winery contracts expired we kept all our grapes, and began construction of our wine tasting room facilities, and slowly started adding to our vineyard plantings. Our wines are currently produced, and bottled at R Stuart & Co. in McMinnville, with plans to move production to our own estate as our wine production increases.



2015 Estate Pinot Noir

Oregon Wine Press Cellar Selects
2015 Northwest Wine Summit - Bronze

2014 Estate Pinot Noir

Newport Seafood & Wine Festival - Bronze

2013 Estate Pinot Noir

Savor NW Wine Awards - Gold
Portland Seafood & Wine Festival - Bronze
First Taste Oregon - Bronze

2014 Rumba Pinot Noir

First Taste Oregon - Gold
Oregon Wine Press Cellar Selects
Oregon Wine Competition - Silver
Portland Seafood & Wine Festival - Bronze

2015 Pinot Gris

Oregon Wine Press Cellar Selects

2012 Rumba Pinot Noir

2015 Crab Seafood & Wine Festival - Bronze
Savor Northwest - Bronze
1st Taste Oregon - Bronze

2012 Rosado de Pinot Noir

2013-2014 Newport Seafood & Wine Festival
2013 Great Northwest Wine Competition - Bronze
2010 Oregon Wine Competition - Bronze
2013 1st Taste Oregon - Bronze

2010 Rumba Pinot Noir

Portland Seafood & Wine Festival - Bronze
2013 Great Northwest Wine Competition - Bronze
2014 1st Taste Oregon - Bronze
2013 1st Taste Oregon - Silver

2010 Rosado de Pinot Noir

Northwest Wine Summit - Silver
Fingerlakes International Wine Competition - Bronze

2009 Rumba Pinot Noir

2012 Oregon Wine & Food Brew Festival - Gold
Affair of the Vines - Silver
2012 U.S. National Wine Competition - Bronze

2009 Reserve Pinot Noir

Affair of the Vine - Silver

2008 Estate Pinot Noir

2013 Newport Seafood & Wine Festival
Portland Seafood & Wine Fest - Silver
Affair of the Vines

2008 Rumba Pinot Noir

Northwest Wine Summit - Bronze
2011 American Fine Wine - Bronze
2011 U.S. National Wine Competition - Bronze
2011 U.S. National Wine Competition - Bronze
Portland Seafood & Wine - Bronze

2007 Estate Pinot Noir

2012 Portland Seafood & Wine Festival - Gold
SIP McMinnville - Bronze
Northwest Wine Summit - Gold
2011 American Fine Wine Competition - Silver

2003 Estate Pinot Noir

2012 Fingerlakes International Wine Competition - Bronze
2012 Oregon Wine & Food Brew Fest - Gold